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I Start Counting / The Blueprint

01. I Start Counting
02. The Blueprint

Written and Produced by Per Hoier
7 inch mastered by Goodiepal. 2014 Remaster by Per Hoier.
Sleeve art by Nis Bysted.
© 2004 Per Hoier Music / LJUD Records.

Digital / 7 “
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A trip down memory lane.

I Start Counting/The blueprint was my 2004 single released as a 7″ vinyl on LJUD Records, a label I operated with the other members of the LJUD concert promoter organization operating in the 2nd biggest city of Denmark between 2003-2013. At this time we wished to startup a label for releasing quality music. The same philosophy we (successfully) operated within the concert promoting ‘business’. I Start Counting/The Blueprint labeled LJUD002 was the first of two releases to appear on our label alongside the more wellknown electronic musician Jason Forest(also known as Donna Dummer – yes, well it is a he). We intentionally toggled the catalog numbers between the two singles, to make I Start Counting appear as a more serious release from a serious label – now even with a back catalogue.

I Start Counting/The Blueprint is a double A-side single containing two melodically crafted electronic pop songs with great inspiration from early 80’s new-wave synth pop groups like OMD, Human League and New Order. The basic essence of the songs are focusing on the low key moodiness, with minor or almost no presence of percussive instrumentation. Just sheer melodic pleasure.

I Start Counting/The Blueprint even managed to get catch some great reviews from various places.
The Wire wrote: “Per Hoier is a well-known deviant inside the world of laptop experimentalism. His work with V/Vm, Mr Goodiepal, and others has made many a thin dick wiggle like an otter. Or so we’ve heard. Anyway, here he is, alone and naked in the icy Danish night, doing something like a stab at pop music formalism. Because he is who he is, this is not exactly a straight take on it, but the tracks have enough normalcy between them to ‘pass’ inside many clubs and boutiques. I Start Counting/The Blueprint (LJUD 7”) has a vibe that makes me think of Man of Words-era Bowie, singing Carpenters songs, while being backed by a small combo of robotic earthworms. There is a kind of glisten that you associate with worms, isn’t there? And there are other things too. How dandy!”

Danish music magazine wrote: “Great electronic amplified feelings running on high octane”, “Pop music that proudly acknowledges the melodrama thus developing synth-pop to a point where it almost becomes symphonic. The greatest quality is how it exploits it’s possibilities to the limit” and “An all the way through essential single which every pop composer with self-respect should study in depth. It could be the subject of new unprecedented standards.”

The original 7″ was mastered to vinyl by Goodiepal, who also sponsored the release.

The 2014 digital reissue.

As it’s been 10 years since the single came out, I saw it as a good opportunity to re-release it to whatever digital media. I always wished it to be available in other formats as well, but it was never financially possible. But now since the 7″ has sold out as well and the use of online services has become the preferred listening experience for many, I thought I wouldn’t loose too much street cred on shovelling it down the digital lane.

Since only an analog master existed (the vinyl itself, with all it’s crackles and beauty) I found digital master overly necessary. Mastering is for several reasons something I always used to let others take care of. But as nothing comes for free, I had to dig into the mastering process on my own. With the help from my good friend, the very talented Henrik Corfitsen I think we managed to get it up to standards without killing it. I have hereby closed a reopened chapter and I hope you will enjoy (re)listening.

I Start Counting/The Blueprint is available in all major digital stores and steaming services.

A free download can be obtained from my Bandcamp profile, where you can chose to pay what you want – or nothing at all.

Holding up my very last copy of this classic 7″
Promo video for “The Blueprint” directed by Sven Ørnstrup in 2005. Shot at the industry harbour right outside the legendary venue and art gallery “Spanien 19” where many LJUD concerts took place.