March 2016 will present a brand new Per Hoier Single. Watch the introduction video here

New single – Supposed to come out autumn 2015 as been delayed until March 2016

The delay is mainly caused by the lack of a b-side that fits into the concept and can live up to the standards.

Obviously it’s been a while. Longer than I expected myself, mainly because of some personal challenges casting heavy shadows on my life the last many months. Nevertheless September will spawn a brand new single set for release on Per Hoier Music that also will cover some of these issues. The release will appear in different “versions”. More info to come on this topic soon.

The Great Malfunction is electronic pop in it’s plainest form. At least seen from a Per Hoier perspective as it draws heavily on my fundamental schooling with suggestions of classic 80’s electro, German industrial as well as the usual high emotive orchestrations. With the presence of more percussive expressions it’s maybe more poppy than previous releases as the soundtrack to the video may suggest. 

Watch and share the video and keep in touch either here or on the Per Hoier Music facebook site.

Yours sincerely
Per H