Two classic PER HOIER singles remastered for digital media. Now available in digital stores and streaming services.

10 Year Anniversary Re-releases

Two classic PER HOIER singles Remastered for digital media.

Now available on Digital Stores and Streaming services.

  • I Start Counting/ The Blueprint
    – Released November 1. 2004 on LJUD Records
  • The Tension Slip
    – Released December 1. 2008 on SOPA Curiosa Compilation
    – Intended as a Single Release but failed due to financial reasons. The B side is out here for the first time

Free Download Mission:

I have no problems giving my music away for free, even if it is less than half a pint for both singles on iTunes and I’m a poor ‘fulltime’ musician with a weak output, when it relates to quantity.
But I thought putting you on a little mission: Locate the codes hidden on the “I Start Counting” 7 inch vinyl release and place them into: to get to download both singles for free. Feel free to share the codes as much as you like. Even on my FB site. I’d probably be honoured that someone took their time dusting up an old record.

Available Stores:

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Read stories and trivia behind each of the releases:

I Start Counting / The Blueprint       The Tension Slip